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What others are saying about The Path of Wisdom:




"In thoughtful and creative language, John Hunt draws upon the inherent desire for freedom from chaos and misery in daily living to offer people what they truly want--a more peaceful and contented way of life."
                Becky Towne, Associate Dean
                Houston Graduate School of Theology, Houston, Texas

"Many of us tend to make poor choices, choices that only compound life's problems. The Path of Wisdom is for those of us, including me, who need a better way to relate to life's difficulties. The grace and truth jump off these pages, assisting and empowering any person seeking to live a freer, more contented life."
                Rich Robinson, Associate Director, US Military Mission

                The Navigators, Tucson, Arizona

"In this age of information, knowledge is plentiful but wisdom is scarce. Wisdom's benefits include favor with God and others, a long, prosperous life, a reputation for good judgment, and success. If you're like me, and you desire these things in your life, The Path of Wisdom is a must read."
                Howard K. Brewington, Retired Army Officer
                Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas

"The Path of Wisdom reveals a treasure chest full of insights and ponderings--"apples of gold," and contains practical and transparent examples from John Hunt's life. This book has provided me with sound direction, direction which I have also used to assist my loved ones, especially those feeling abandoned by life's rewards."
                Pat McCoy, Teacher
                Adams County District 12, Lakewood, Colorado

"John Hunt has taken words we've heard so often they are cliche, shaken the dust off of them, and offered us each a chance to look in the mirror and see how those truths can transform us. He has broken down this timeless wisdom into such simple bites, that sometimes it's easy to miss seeing yourself. But the careful reader will find something truly powerful here. This book is not to be missed."
                Ted Cox, Video Producer
                Greater Europe Mission, Kandern, Germany

"The stirring of real emotion around each topic--joy, pain, sorrow, gratitude in God, frustration with life, hope for a better me and future; these are the primary elements I look for when searching for a good book. The content of this book and how it conjures up and provokes the soul needs to be read by all--fantastic! I would definitely recommend this book to friends."
                Todd Collister, Entrepreneur
                Colorado Springs, Colorado

"In a world that seems to have lost its way regarding ideals, principles, and personal life styles, John Hunt's book, The Path of Wisdom, provides much valuable direction. Writing from experience, John has provided people with a valuable resource for good living. This book should be in every family's home and every public library."
                Dan Smithwick, Founder & President
                Nehemiah Institute, Tampa, Florida

"In life challenges are presented daily to every individual, the only difference is how each person learns to deal with it. John Hunt has found a way to harvest wonderful, life directing principles and explain them to his audience. This book has brought me great joy and a better understanding."
                Matt Yeager, CSE I
                Diebold, Jefferson City, Missouri

"I found that this practical book about wisdom stays with you long after the last page. A must read for anyone who wishes to live free of chaos and enriched with peace."
                Lisa McCorkle, Principle
                Dietz Elementary School, Tucson, Arizona

"John Hunt takes the wisdom of Proverbs and show us how to apply it to our ever day world. Read, ponder, grow--you will not be disappointed."
                Elisabeth Colopy, Author
                99 Ways to Fight Worry and Stress

"The Path of Wisdom is timely, practical, and occasionally autobiographical, as John Hunt offers glimpses of his own efforts to apply these eternal truths to his life. His insights are for our benefit. They are a guide for cultivating a saner and healthier approach to life."
                Paul Medved, Pastor
                River of Grace Church, Pueblo West, Colorado

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Life Changing Practices in Important Areas

With this inspirational and motivational self-help book, you will get more out of life... not in just one aspect of your life but in all areas. You can generate and possess a constructive approach and positive well-being that supports amidst trials, strengthens in responsibility, and enlivens during refreshment. The Path of Wisdom offers true wealth and real peace in a number of significant areas:


character charityfinancesinfluenceknowledgepeaceperspectivepleasuresatisfactionspiritualityrightnessself-acceptanceself-controlspeechworkand more

The Path of Wisdom consists of 100 entries of roughly 400 to 450 words per entry, great for easy reading, personal reflection, or group study.


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